Gardens are for…

Seniors. You don’t have to go too far into a senior’s past to find a generation who was raised on a farm – many will tell you they were the one raised on the farm or certainly their parents were. They will tell you of the gardens they grew, the canning they did, of the vase of freshly cut garden flowers they set in the center of the family table… 

But there comes a time when planting rows and rows of seeds becomes something of the past. No longer is there the family vegetable garden, no longer is there the ability to bend to pick the weeds, no longer is there the endurance to put up the vegetables and fruit for the year…

but it’s still in us to be out in the sunshine, to feel the warm soil between our fingers, to take in the smells of the garden as we water and care for the plants…what memories and feelings come back to us while being in the garden…



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