Welcome to the Parsonage Garden!

Why the parsonage garden? It’s pretty simple – my husband is a pastor of a church and we live in the 70 year old cape-code style parsonage – which I love.  My gardens are my attempt to express my love of creation and a way to give thanks and praise to the Creator. He gets the glory, not me, I’m just using His plants, and I get to tell that to whoever comes by and compliments the gardens.  So, come by often, learn about plants, and hear more about the Creator!

My gardening kitty. Her name is Pippa. (Don’t say anything about her weight – it bothers her – she’s on a diet and doing very well.)



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4 responses to “Welcome to the Parsonage Garden!

  1. That is beautiful! How long have you been living in the parsonage? I don’t think my garden would look like that even after 30 years! 😀

    • Kathleen Fiske

      Thank you! I’m so glad you visited my new site. Please come back often! I’ll visit yours. I recently wrote a Bible School curriculum which had a little creation science in it, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you have on your blog.

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